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Marlis D’souza 
Born in India, raised in Dubai, currently residing in Florida
Mixed Media Artist
Letting go of control and systematically creating confusion to make something beautiful is how I would describe my art creation process, and working with resin perfectly describes that. There is only so much you can control and then you have to leave the rest to the art mediums to work their magic. No two pieces will end up the same and that is the beauty of it. I manipulate tinted resin to create abstractions that have color, detail and texture. The unique nature of each painting can stand alone to be a show stopper in any space. 
Over the years, I’ve worked with many mediums, but only a year ago I fell in love with resin art and there’s simply no going back. I also create functional art with resin including coasters, cheese boards, serving trays, magnets and much more. My obsession with resin set aside, I also indulge in pyrography and temporary tattoos to keep my art flow diverse.