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Raised in Mexico, Ivaldo came to love art as a natural artist, inspired by his surroundings. Through his art he started using texture as a means to convey the beauty and complexity he found in his world – both external and internal. At first he experimented with different techniques and approaches to his artwork and through this process managed to cross the chasm between lifelike and abstract art. His present work straddles along neither side of the spectrum, but within the actual divide. “It’s referential to nature and the ‘real world,’ but not to their physical embodiments.

Working with oil and mixed-media elements, Ivaldo creates different textures combined with movements and layers that create windows into colorful dimensions. Working without traditional limitations, Ivaldo sculpts and moves around the canvas searching for himself in a place where painting becomes an adrenaline-fueled event of skill and dexterity. From there his creations progresses along with his soul through the unknown moments that are fed by internal visualization, passion, and free flowing emotions.